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Product Overview

• RealTree® camouflage prints have transcended the hunting and outdoor markets to become a $4 billion a year fashion phenomenon.

• The RealTree® Xtra Camo Mask is for when a mask isn’t strictly required, but is helpful.  
• It is for sweeping, mowing, sanding a hobby project, brushing the family dog and other jobs when people don’t normally wear a mask – but they would be more comfortable if they did.  
• All masks are made in Texas using only US materials.
• RealTree® Xtra Camo Mask are sold in 20-pack boxes or 3-pack hanging pouches.

Distributor Portal
  • Our Distributor Portal allows small-volume distributors to purchase cases online using PayPal. Both hanging pouch and box cases are available online.

  • Large-volume distributors are encouraged to contact us directly to order.

  • You can register by clicking below. It may take up to 1 business day to be approved to order cases online.

Hanging Pouches


One of two ways to display, RealTree® Xtra Camo Masks come in 3 PACK pouches for easy hanging.



RealTree® Xtra Camo Masks are available in 20 PACK boxes that are displayed in a tray on the shelf.



Mike Bowen


Thanks for visiting us at the National Hardware Show!

We are proud to have had such a great reponse to our REALTREE® Xtra Camo Mask debut.


Missed our booth? Contact us for more info and samples.

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